Punch-free Mobile Phone Storage Holder

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Store your phone conveniently with this Punch-free Mobile Phone Storage Holder! It is ideal for all phone models! Everyone knows that you’d have to charge your phone multiple times a day in order to keep using it. The problem is that most people have power outlets without any tables nearby. This wall phone holder will help you solve those problems.

This holder has a wall-mount design which saves a lot of space and it also allows you to place it almost anywhere. The ideal place to position this is somewhere near power outlets. It is also practical to place it somewhere you can easily reach and access it. The advantage is that it has an open design that allows you to put or remove the device from it without hassle. Also, you can use it to hold other items such as gadgets, keys, chargers, and more.

  • Charger: No
  • Features: No Features
  • Type: Clip Holder