Recessed Led Wall Lamp PIR Motion Sensor Stair Case Light

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Unique and contemporary, this rustproof recessed led wall lamp is ideal for enhancing the appeal of any workspace, home or office. The ultra narrow spaces around the fixture make it perfect for staircases, showers, hallways and more. The warm white color will enhance any space while the adjustable shade can be moved to spread the light over a wider area.

The durable Stair Case Light by Recessed Led Wall Lamp is equipped with a PIR Motion Sensor that year-round activates when someone steps within range. With an easy to use touch sensor, the Stair Case Light is able to be switched on/off from the top or directly via the included 12 Volt battery (not included). Located above a staircase, corridor or other Area where the bright LED light helps illuminate each step.


1.Material: PC
2.Volt: AC85-265V
3.Watt: 1.5W
4.Square:3-5 m²
5.Light source:LED chips